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Rands, South & Gardner
    A Professional Law Corporation




1.     Common sense will govern all assignments to our firm. We will only expend that amount of 
        time, effort and money necessary to achieve a result that is commensurate with the client’s
xposure, thereby avoiding pyrrhic victories.

2.     We will not view every assignment as one that is automatically headed for trial.
        We will 
review each assignment as a dispute between one or more parties capable of 
        resolution short of
protracted discovery and litigation.

3.    We will not fail to report the status of the case when significant developments occur, which 
        means we will avoid generating needless correspondence in an attempt to bill more time on 
        the file.

4.    We will not treat your status inquiries as trivial matters to be responded to at our own
eisurely pace and convenience. Rather, we will promptly contact you by phone for an 
update as well as follow-up by letter if necessary.

5.    We will evaluate our client’s exposure as soon as possible so we may determine steps we must
        take to get the case disposed of by means of motion, summary judgment, settlement or trial.

6.    We will communicate with you regarding any material decisions that must be made
retention of experts, travel, research, preparation of motions or counterclaims, 
        opponent’s demands, 
settlement and trial strategy. We will not perform any lengthy 
        discovery or legal research without 
your prior approval of a mutually agreeable litigation

7.    We will provide an accurate, complete evaluation of the client’s exposure in any lawsuit. We
will give you all the evidence, whether favorable or not, so that you can have all the facts you
to make an informed decision regarding the ultimate disposition of the case.

8.    We will not forget that our firm is only a part of the litigation management team, and not the
entire team. We do not subscribe to the idea that once a lawsuit comes to us we have the last 
on its handling, and we know there must be a full exchange of information and
        complete cooperation
between each of us to achieve the same stated goal.

9.    We will not present you with any surprises when the case nears trial. Our evaluation will be
realistic throughout and will not suddenly change dramatically merely because we are at the
courthouse steps and confronted with an actual trial.

10.   We will not ignore you once trial commences. We will have daily contact with you to keep
you fully abreast of the evidence and any developments in the status of negotiations. We
our clients to attend and view all proceedings firsthand.

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